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Saving a Gift of Nature

Grand Marais Harbor & Breakwall Restoration Project

Grand Marais has been the site of a beautiful natural harbor for hundreds of years, sheltering ships from harsh Lake Superior storms.

And now...

The Harbor needs YOUR HELP

After this community has fought for 40+ years to save this harbor and build the breakwall, our dreams have come true.

Last Saturday night with a packed house at the Community Center, State Senator Tom Casperson announced that the State of Michigan had obligated a total of 5 million dollars to Burt Township to construct the much needed breakwall.

To stand up in front of this crowd of people and announce this with the Senator was extremely emotional for both of us. Tom and his staff have worked very hard with me in Lansing to nail down the funding for this project. His staff, Marty Fittante & Kendra Everett, worked tirelessly on this and it was great that they could all come and spend the weekend with us and enjoy the area and the fishing tournament. It is also important to mention the work done by Scott Everett, my good friend and Township Consultant in Lansing, for doing an unbelievable job of quarterbacking me through all of this.

Amy Burglund from Senator Carl Levin’s office was unable to attend, but did phone in to this meeting. Amy has worked with me the last 4- 1/2 years to get this project done. Senator Levin was instrumental in getting the environmental assessment done and the FONSI signed. Without these environmentals done, it would have been impossible to acquire the remaining funding needed to complete this project. I wish Amy could have been there, but I do understand that she had a previous outing planned with her family. I would like to thank the Harbor Committee who worked so hard on this and the people of the community for supporting me on a daily basis. To all of the people across the nation that took the time to cheer for us in the RD Contest…we will never be able to thank you enough.

I would like to make a special Thank You to my Aleta. She has stood by me, worked hard helping me and put up with my bad days through all of this.

This whole dream was achieved by working very hard and having the perseverance to continue on, even when it seemed impossible.

I know I have said this before, but it is important that if we have learned one thought¬†that we can take away from this – it is really true that “Ordinary people change the world”.¬†

Jack Hubbard, Burt Township Supervisor