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Saving a Gift of Nature

Grand Marais Harbor & Breakwall Restoration Project

Grand Marais has been the site of a beautiful natural harbor for hundreds of years, sheltering ships from harsh Lake Superior storms.

And now...

The Harbor needs YOUR HELP

WE DID IT!! GM Harbor will be saved!

Senator Tom Casperson & Supervisor Jack Hubbard

On Saturday June 25, 2011 at a Town Hall meeting in Grand Marais, Senator Tom Casperson made a surprise announcement that the State of Michigan had obligated a total of 5 million dollars for the breakwall project.

With the federal monies already being held by the USACE for this project and the funds raised through millage and various fundraising, the goal of 7 million has been reached.
The standing room only crowd at the meeting went wild. What a wonderful thing this is, both for the community of Grand Marais and all boaters who would need this “Harbor of Refuge”. This harbor will now be a guaranteed place of refuge for future generations
Thank you to all who cheered for us in the Reader’s Digest contest. We truly believe that winning that contest and the notoriety and publicity we got from it, really got things going fast for us.
We owe our deepest thanks to Senator Tom Casperson (and his staff, Marty Fittante and Kendra Everett) for getting this done. They went to bat for Grand Marais and did not quit until they achieved the funding. A big thank you also goes to Scott Everett, Burt Township’s Lansing consultant. He worked tirelessly to get this done for us. Words are never going to be enough for these guys.

GM Needs you once again

.by Aleta Hubbard on Wednesday, June 29, 2011 at 10:56am.OK Everyone, I need your help once again. We need to get a Thank You letter campaign going for Tom Casperson and Gov. Snyder. There are some out there who are raising objections to our appropriation. We need to prove to these two people that they did the right thing and should have no regrets. Please help me out. The addresses are: Senator Tom Casperson, 124 N Capitol Ave. #S1487, Lansing, MI 48933-1342; Governor Rick Snyder, PO Box 30013, Lansing, MI 48909. I know we can flood them with Thank You notes. You guys have proven that in the past. Thank you all so much

Emails will work too. Here they are: Rick.Snyder@michigan.gov and SenTCasperson@senate.michigan.gov Thanks everyone!